A qualitative study of micro, meso and macro level interactions

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About the research

We are conducting a series of in-depth qualitative studies of interpersonal interaction (micro) embedded in an organisational case study (meso) with key informant interviews at national policy level (macro). The study will be based in two contrasting departments on different sites of a large NHS acute trust.

We are studying the interactional dynamics during Skype consultations by generating a multi-modal dataset (audio, video and computer screen capture) to highlight how technology affects such human interactions.

We are mapping the administrative and clinical processes that will need to change to embed online consultations e.g. changes to clinical care pathways, potential changes to staff roles, use of traditional outpatient space.

We are conducting interviews with national policymakers and other key stakeholders to explore factors accounting for the success and potential transferability of this new service model


The project will produce the following outputs:

PATIENTS AND PUBLIC: Lay resources on ‘what to expect in your virtual consultation’

SERVICE: Guidance for NHS staff on effective virtual consulting

POLICY: Succinct summary of key findings for local and national policymakers

ACADEMIC: Detailed final report and publications on the methods, findings and suggestions for further research